9 years of Fls Laser
June 2018

Fls Laser introduces wafer laser cutting machines and software.

December 2017

Fls Laser has a market share of 80% in China's mobile phone battery industry and 80% in the diode and triode industry.

October 2017

Fls Laser has developed an image positioning laser marking machine and compiled related software;

December 2016

Fls laser machine market share in China's diode and triode industry reaches 60%;

May 2016

Fls Laser has developed a battery-specific laser welding machine that increases customer productivity and success.

August 2015

Fls laser component software development team, and wrote six software with independent intellectual property rights, including PCB laser cutting software, cluster laser laser software, galvanometer welding machine software, laser coding software, Fruss IC single-layer duplex Laser software, Fraus IC multi-layer laser software.

August 2015

Fls Laser introduces a double-head laser marking machine, which has the advantage of marking the web to 400mm and the accuracy is the same as the 200mm format, which solves the difficulty of adjusting the chip industry. Compared with laser marking machines in the same industry, the Fraus laser machine is 2-5 times more efficient.

September 2014

Fls Laser has developed a laser device for the IC industry. The machine has good stability, high efficiency, high precision and affordable price. It is very popular among users in the IC industry and has become the best-selling IC industry laser marking ( Engraving) machine.

June 2011

Fls Laser was established in Baoan District, Shenzhen. The founding team developed a laser marking machine and sold it in the South China market.

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